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Elvira Didic

Elvira Didic.jpg Program Manager
Labor Compliance and Local Capacity Building

Ms. Didic has four years experience in the administration of Labor Compliance Programs. As the LCP program manager for the West Contra Costa Unified School Districts $1 billion school modernization program, she manages the document submittal and certified payroll review process and monitors for compliance to prevailing wage determinations, apprentice utilization and other applicable labor code regulations. She attends pre-bid and pre-construction meetings, reviewing prevailing wage requirements with contractors. She conducts audits, site visits and worker interviews. When issues of noncompliance arise, she addresses those with the general contractor and notifies the client. She has collected more than $35,000 in restitution wages for underpaid workers. If needed, she prepares Request for Approval of Forfeiture. She generates monthly contractor non-compliance reports and makes recommendations on the release of progress payments accordingly.






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