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Peralta Community College District Modernization Program

Peralta Community College District Modernization Program.jpg The Peralta Community College District (District) is undertaking a major program for maintenance and modernization. Davillier-Sloan, Inc. (DSI) is part of the team that negotiated and administers a PLA for Peralta. This is a PLA that also includes a Social Justice Program focused on the hiring of local residents. DSI provides oversight and outreach services, which informs local contractors of available contract opportunities and serves as a springboard for capacity building and maximizing the potential opportunity for hiring local residents. DSI also developed a focused database of local residents that are working on the Vista project. This responsibility requires DSI to work with the contractors, the unions, the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees, the City of Oakland and a wide range of community based organizations.

Additionally, DSI administers a state approved Labor Compliance Program that assures the payment of prevailing wages and the utilization of apprentices






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