Davillier-Sloan, Inc. (DSI) is one of the leading Labor-Management consulting firms in California.

Established in 1986, DSI provides services throughout California to public agencies, developers, contractors, construction and program managers.




Drawing on the experience and diverse skills of the firm's principal and associates, DSI provides a full range of labor-management services, including but not limited to the development and administration of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs), Labor Compliance Programs (LCPs), and Local Capacity Building Programs (LCBPs). The LCBP's focus is on the maximum utilization of local area workers and businesses on publicly funded programs or projects.

A Range of Services

DSI presently manages labor compliance programs for multiple school districts and several developer related programs. DSI is a member of teams administering four PLAs that include local hiring requirements.

Extensive Experience

DSI has been a State of California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) certified LCP with more than a decade of experience working with the DIR staff.