Representative Projects

The group is also experienced working with related governmental agencies and community-based organizations. To best meet the specific needs of our clients, DSI analyzes each project in order to carefully assign the associate with the most appropriate skills and experience.

County of Alameda

For the County of Alameda, as prime consultant, DSI provides administration services for the Countywide Project Stabilization/Community Benefits Agreement (PS/CBA), along with Labor Compliance Monitoring Services (LCMS).

In addition to traditional issues of project workforce stability, this PSCBA includes a goal to focus on workforce development, specifically to provide construction career opportunities for those traditionally disadvantaged and under-employed throughout the county. The PSCBA also includes goals focused on the hiring of local residents in general. DSI is responsible for managing all elements of the PSCBA and assuring labor compliance on covered projects.

As sub-consultant to Vanir Construction Management, DSI also provides labor compliance monitoring services for the Highland Acute Tower Replacement project, monitoring both California and federal Davis-Bacon requirements for the payment of prevailing wages for this $668 million design-build project.

Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)

As the prime contractor for BART, DSI serves as ombudsperson responsible for investigating and resolving complaints from DBE construction contractors as part of BART’s program to comply with the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program in compliance with FTA Circular 4220.1B and FTA Circular 4716.1A.

In this role, DSI has managed the administration of three project labor agreements for BART. All three PLAs contain traditional and non-traditional elements, including a social justice program focused on local hiring and a local business carve-out.

State of California

For the Elihu Harris State Building, as prime consultant to the State of California General Services Administration,

DSI provided outreach and promotion, pre-qualification and availability analysis for the state’s historically disadvantaged business program, as well as City of Oakland policies for local business participation and hiring. DSI also provided political and community liaison services for issues related to the program.

Federal Government

As a subcontractor to O’Brien-Kreitzberg Associates, DSI assisted in the development and management of the Project Affirmative Action Committee

comprised of interested community organizations, labor, and management to monitor compliance with federal regulations for the utilization of historically disadvantaged firm participation as well as minority/female hiring on the Oakland Federal Building Project. This work was accomplished in compliance with FAR 52.219 – Utilization Small Disadvantaged Business Concerns, as well as federal and local goals for hiring minorities and women. DSI was also responsible for all political and community liaison work related to the project.

Peralta Community College District

Peralta Community College District is undertaking a major program for maintenance and modernization of its campuses.

DSI has been contracted to execute an innovative approach, which enables Peralta to comply with and exceed its goals for local business participation in this Capital Improvement Program. DSI provides oversight and outreach services, which informs local contractors of available contract opportunities and will serve as a springboard for capacity building and maximizing the potential for these businesses to successfully participate in other large projects. DSI has also developed a focused database of local businesses that desire to work on these projects.

DSI was part of the team that negotiated and continues to administer a PLA for Peralta. This is a PLA that also includes a Social Justice Program focused on the hiring of local residents.

Port Of Oakland

In association with Parsons Constructors Inc., DSI negotiated and is administering a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for the Port of Oakland from 1998 to 2011.

Since 2011, DSI has managed this innovative PLA, which includes a Social Justice Program focused on the hiring of local residents. DSI is responsible for managing all elements of the PLA, both traditional and non-traditional. Monitoring the utilization of local resident apprentices is an important element of the program. DSI co-chairs a Trust Fund established to provide financial support for local area pre-apprenticeship and related programs. DSI also monitors prevailing wages on an “as needed” basis.

City of Richmond

As sub-consultant to Bechtel Corporation, DSI, in association with Luster Construction Management, designed and monitored the Richmond Parkway Construction Management Training Program.

A joint effort of the City of Richmond, California Employment and Training Department and Bechtel Corporation, the program provided Richmond residents with job training in several construction management areas. Citizens of Richmond were recruited and trained as surveyors, inspectors, materials testers and cost/schedule technicians. The Program consisted of on-the-job training supplemented with as-needed classroom workshops to complement the field training.

San Diego County Water Authority

As a sub-consultant to Parsons Constructors Inc., DSI negotiated and administered a Project Labor Agreement for the San Diego County Water Authority.

DSI was responsible for managing a local hiring program and periodically monitoring prevailing wages.

Oakland Unifed School District

DSI is the administrator for the District’s PLA, which covers more than $500 million in school new construction and modernization projects.

This is an innovative PLA that includes a Social Justice Program focused on the hiring of local area residents. DSI is responsible for co-managing the overall program, including the Social Justice Program, and assisting the District in monitoring prevailing wages on an as needed basis. This project requires DSI to work in coordination with many community organizations, local interest groups, labor and management organizations, as well as the School Board and City of Oakland officials.