Project Labor Agreements

DSI has extensive experience in negotiating and administering Project Labor Agreements (PLAs).

In addition to the traditional PLA components, such as prohibition of strikes, work stoppages and lockouts, DSI's particular area of expertise is negotiating and administering PLAs that contain provisions for maximizing the hiring of local workers and the utilization of local area businesses. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Presenting PLA requirements at pre-bid, pre-construction, and pre-job meetings

  • Reviewing and assuring compliance with local hiring goals

  • Resolving violations

  • Establishing Social Justice Committees

  • Establishing and administering Trust Funds

  • Managing labor relations

  • Dispute resolution

Since 1998, DSI has successfully teamed or led in negotiating and administering PLAs for the Port of Oakland, the Oakland Unified School District, the Peralta Community College District and the San Diego County Water Authority. DSI has also completed a PLA cost/benefit analysis for the Chabot Los Positas Community College District.

DSI's approach to labor compliance is carefully designed and systematically implemented, with a view to the importance of complying with California and federal labor codes. Over the years, this system has been developed and improved with input from governmental officials, public benefit organizations, organized labor and contractors. DSI has provided labor compliance services since 1995, while monitoring Davis Bacon Act and California Labor Code 1775, et seq. Over the years, DSI has collected more than $100,00 in restitution of wages for underpaid workers.


DSI provides a full range of labor compliance services

DSI provides a full range of labor compliance services, including developing, negotiating and managing Labor Compliance Programs (LCPs) for public agencies, school districts, developers, contractors, construction managers and program managers who have the need to comply with the State of California or federal prevailing wage and apprenticeship utilization laws. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Presenting LCP requirements at pre-bid, pre-construction, and pre-job meetings

  • Collecting, analyzing and validating of certified payroll reports

  • Conducting site visits and worker interviews

  • Conducting contractor training

  • Investigating areas of apparent non-compliance

  • Generating required compliance reports

  • Submitting requests for approval of forfeitures to the Department of Industrial Relations

  • Monitoring payment of prevailing wages and apprenticeship utilization

  • Providing certified payroll reports upon request from outside agencies

Local Capacity Building

Since 1992, DSI has developed and managed comprehensive programs for building the capacity of local, small and historically disadvantaged firms and individuals.

The goal of the programs is to develop the capacity and maximize the potential for success of local businesses and individuals in public works projects. DSI provides an innovative approach to assist clients in reaching these goals and in building the real capacity of local, ethnic minority and female-owned firms and individuals and in maximizing their potential to successfully participate in large projects. DSI has over a decade of experience working in coordination with community based organizations, labor and management organizations, as well as school boards, city and state officials